Why does your marketing team need a Digital Asset Management platform?

We agree with the thought that in the last few years, we have seen an increase in the usage of a Digital Asset Management platform. And we must thank giants like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. that encourage users to create content and consume content from the Internet. If you wish to leverage your clients with the best services, your marketing team needs to provide content that is instantaneous, relevant and delivered right at your fingertips.

In order to fulfill all your demands, the marketing teams are not only tasked to create new content, but they also need to save it in a way that it is accessible from anywhere in the world, any time. A Digital Asset Management platform becomes a great savior for the marketing teams in several ways listed below.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management platform to the marketing teams

  • Easily share your files across regions & collaborate

    Whether you wish to share your files with external teams, internal employees, or any XYZ person, the Digital Asset Management platform makes your sharing and collaboration easier. With advanced technology being used in its development, it becomes easier for you and your marketing team to track the activity done on your assets.

    Being an owner of the assets, you can permit others to access your assets. There is no unauthorized access to your assets.

  • Reusing the existing images and graphics for remarketing

    As a marketing team, you always need to have content in one place while creating awareness about your product or services. Faster search and sharing of your assets to the external parties are the marketing team’s main requirements.

    With metadata in place and the facility of sharing the assets to the external parties, a Digital Asset Management platform makes it easier for the marketing team to do remarketing using the existing images & graphics.

  • Access all of your content

    If you are someone from the marketing team, you know that there are 1000 documents scattered across multiple drives. It becomes very annoying when you are not able to find important files. We hope that you agree with us?

    In such situations, having a Digital Asset Management platform saves a lot of time. Using the easy search functionality, you can find your assets easily and within no time. Additionally, a lot of Digital Asset Management companies like DigiBoxx, for example, now provide mobile apps along with web-based applications. So, we can say that all your assets are accessible at your fingertips.

  • Brand consistency

    As a matter of the fact that we all are working from home, and located in different regions of the world, it becomes almost next to impossible to avoid duplicating the documents. We tend to create duplicate documents/content when the documents are not handy.

    Having a Digital Asset Management platform nullifies all the possibilities of having duplicate content across multiple drives, encouraging brand consistency. The brand message remains the same and thus, the marketing efforts are not wasted.

Our Final Thoughts

Almost all the organizations have some benefit of using a Digital Asset Management platform. From being an easier file-sharing tool to smartly driven marketing campaigns, a Digital Asset Management platform enriches your business with functionality to compete in the fast driven digital world.

If you feel like learning more about the Digital Asset Management platform or How a Digital Asset Management platform can be beneficial for you, you can get in touch with us. We at DigiBoxx will always be pleased to help you!