Time-saving asset management tool – DigiBoxx

Dropbox, Google Drive, JioCloud, and several other Asset Management tools we have seen and used in the past decade. We are used to saving these assets on these Asset Management tools to safeguard them from any damage.

DigiBoxx, a File Sharing App, and Indian Cloud Storage platform did create a major impact in Asset Management and cloud storage since its inception. You might wonder what makes DigiBoxx competitive and stand firm in front of these giants in the same category? To know more about its competitiveness, you will have to go through the significant advantages of DigiBoxx jotted here.

Significant Advantages of DigiBoxx, making it more attractive and competitive

  • You can easily do bulk editing at the same time

    Yes, you read it right. Just like other asset management platforms, you can do bulk editing of your digital assets but at ease. With ease, we meant that DigiBoxx provides a user interface that helps you do bulk editing without much ado. Even non-specialist can understand how they can edit their digital assets just by using DigiBoxx’s interface.

  • You can detect duplicate versions of your assets easily

    With other asset management platforms, where it becomes too difficult to learn about the duplicate versions of your digital assets, with DigiBoxx, the task becomes very easy and quick. You can save your time searching for files and comparing them, whether duplicate or not, with DigiBoxx.

  • Create multiple versions of your assets to track the edits

    This is also one of the most common features of a digital asset management platform where you can create multiple versions of your files without getting stressed out about how to manage files with versions. DigiBoxx allows you to store the same files with different versions if you wish to track the overall edits made on to the file.

These significant advantages of managing files, saving the additional time and cost associated with saving, managing, and editing your files, helps DigiBoxx to stand out in the competition.

Summing It Up

Bulk edits coupled with tracking the edits is something every individual freelancer or organization needs while storing their digital assets in an asset management tool. With DigiBoxx, you are assured of finding both things coupled with an easy, user-friendly UI.