Top ways of sharing large files online quickly

You might have tried sending large files (> 25 MB) to your friends and family using GMAIL. It’s frustrating when it adds those files to your drive and shares the drive link. It not only consumes your drive, but it adds a step in the process of downloading the file on the recipient side.

Suppose you want to share or send large files online >25 MB, let’s say 100 MB. In such a situation, if you are not in the mood to get your Google drive memory utilized, then we have a way of sharing large files quickly. Read it till the end to know our top online way to share large files with your contacts.

Before we head towards listing the top online ways of sharing a file, you need to answer a question.

“Do you want to create an account on DigiBoxx? Or you don’t?”

Remember, you can get access to additional features of DigiBoxx by creating your account on DigiBoxx. DigiBoxx provides several paid and free plans to the user creating their account on DigiBoxx.

If you wish to send the file without creating an account, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below-

  • Share your file using InstaShareOne of the easiest ways of sending a file is by using InstaShare. You need to enter your email address, recipient’s email address, and contact information. Later, OTP will be sent on the mobile number that you mention. Entering the OTP will send the file to the recipient.Now, in case if you wish to send files after creating an account on DigiBoxx, you can follow a few easy steps we have given below.
  • Share files after creating DigiBoxx AccountAfter creating an account on DigiBoxx, you can log in using the credentials shared with you on your email account. Once signed in, you can upload the files you want to share.Post uploading, DigiBoxx provides a feature of sharing files with selected individuals. You need to have the recipient’s email address handy if you wish to share files uploaded on DigiBoxx’s space.Using this way of sharing files, you can easily manage your digital assets. Other add-ons include GMAIL Integration, SSL security, 20 GB of free cloud storage space with the free version, etc.

    You can utilize this cloud storage for storing your critical digital assets. Thus, making it one of the best ways of sharing large files quickly and efficiently.


Considering the situations a user might be in, we have devised these two solutions for sending files to your friends and family. If you find it challenging or face any technical problems, you can connect with our customer support representative at any point in time.