What are the products of DigiBoxx™?

What are the products of Digiboxx

Infrared, Bluetooth, Whatsapp, ShareIT, and several other file-sharing have been used for many years. But what unique are we bringing to you with Digiboxx™?

Digiboxx is a Digital Asset Management platform with several features that you might have never thought about. One such part of Digiboxx™ is Instashare™.


Every single tool we mentioned before operates with some limitations. Like you cannot share bigger files on WhatsApp, ShareIT takes a little more time if you are trying to share bigger files, and so on.

Instashare™ is a functionality where you can share bigger files and in lesser duration than other tools. Of course, it depends on your internet connection. But considering the new-age file-sharing tools, Instashare™ is the right option for you.

We would like to share a few important advantages of Instashare™ that you probably might not see in other file-sharing tools.

Advantages of Instashare™

  • You can share files up to 2 GB for free

    With Instashare™, you can share files up to 2 GB with anyone without any restrictions. You just need to have the receiver’s email address.

  • Secured file storage

    You might have seen several file-sharing tools saving your files for two weeks. We protect it for 45-days, and with 100% security.

  • No need to signup

    Suppose you wish to share a file up to 2 GB; there is no need to sign up on Digiboxx™. You can now transfer files without even having an account on Digiboxx.


One more feature of Digiboxx that we want to share with you is Digispace. Digispace is a virtual space created for you on Digoboxx once you sign up on Digiboxx. Of course, the space limit is decided based on the plan you purchase.

DigiBoxx Monthly Plan

We have monthly and yearly plans for you. You can also create a customized plan for your organization, depending on your requirements.

Here, we will also like to mention a couple of advantages of Digispace that you might be interested in.

Advantages of Digispace

  • Free single user account

    If you wish to have a single user account, you can try using the free single user account. You can easily save up to 20 GB inside your Digispace, with a maximum file size of 2 GB.

  • 100% secured

    The files stored inside Digispace is 100% secured. Once you save your files, forget about the security. Only the users to whom you give access will be able to check your files.

With Digiboxx™, we are bringing to you two of the most effective products with all the powers to create history in the Asset Management world. If you are still left to share your files using Instashare™ or have not signed up on Digiboxx™, try it now.