What is the purpose of DigiBoxx?

For as long as a decade, we have been storing our important assets in a distributed manner. A few of our sensitive assets remain in our pen drives, the ones we want to share with the team members are on shared google drives, and a few which are not very often visited remains on our desktops/laptops. Right?

There are many cases when we lose or misplace these assets. And losing an important asset is as bad as losing a client. If you are running a business, then you know the importance of losing a client.

This is one classic example that explains the importance of Asset Management. There are many such use cases where you get to know Digital Asset Management platforms’ vital role.

Coming to the point, when we start using any new application, we first understand the purpose of using the application. And why not! We must understand the meaning of downloading a new application, learn how to use the application, and continue using the application.

DigiBoxx, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform, is built to serve the purpose of storing the files and several other ideas that we have listed here.

Purpose of building DigiBoxx

  • Share your stored files

    DigiBoxx is one of the classic file-sharing tools. The files you store inside your Digispace can now be shared with anyone. You have all the rights to decide on who will access the files and who will not.

    You can store photos, videos, documents, presentations, etc., in your Digispace. You can share your files in seconds with DigiBoxx.

  • Secure your assets from any threats

    As an organization, we understand the importance of security and how critical a security threat would be. Losing your sensitive information, misplacing your essential asset, or any other such cases might end up incurring a lot of costs to your organization.

    DigiBoxx is built to provide privacy and security to all your assets uploaded in the Digispace. DigiBoxx is governed by the Indian Law – the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Bill. Once the asset is uploaded on Digispace, it is 100% secure, and there are no chances of any security breach.

Why don’t you give it a try and signup on DigiBoxx today? You can also ask for a demo by connecting with us. We shall be pleased to help you.