Which is the best file-sharing solution for businesses & freelancers?

Being a freelancer, you always find it easy to work remotely. For the past year, businesses have also shifted their work remotely, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is expected that 74% of the companies will still prefer remote work and will shift their employees to remote-based work permanently.

The ability to work from home has become an essential aspect for many businesses. People who are out in the field need the information anywhere any time has become necessary.

What do you need to look for in a file-sharing solution?

If you are a freelancer or you are running your business, and if you are searching for a file-sharing solution, then here are the things you need to look for in a file-sharing solution.

  • Using the file-sharing app, are you able to share files easily?A lot of people end up losing money after investing in the wrong app. Before you invest your money in any app, you need to ensure that the process of sharing files is easy and executable. The user interface provided by the app development organization must be intuitive.
  • Using the file-sharing app, are your files secured?Data/information security is a significant concern while uploading your critical digital assets on any app. Before you upload your files to any of these apps, you need to be sure that your files will remain secure.
  • Using the file-sharing app, are any other app functionalities helping you to execute your other tasks?Every application development company gives some additional advantages to their users in any functionality that adds to their basic app functionalities, helping users execute other tasks alongside basic tasks. While selecting any file-sharing solution for your business, you need to walk through all the functionalities provided by the application.
  • Is it available on multiple devices?You must find out the availability of the application on multiple devices. It means it should be available as a web application and a mobile application.

There are many file-sharing applications available in the market with varying functionalities and price structures. One app that satisfies your file-sharing needs and provides additional features to commemorate the basic functionality is none other than DigiBoxx.

You might wonder that we, being a team of DigiBoxx, will always want to promote DigiBoxx. But, that is not 100% true. We do want to promote, but with the functionalities and features, we provide to our customers.

Let us now match your needs with our functionalities.

Features provided by DigiBoxx proving it as the best file-sharing solution for businesses & freelancers

digiboxx features

  • Share large files quickly.With DigiBoxx, you can share large files quickly either by using InstaShare or by creating your account. DigiBoxx provides a free version and many paid plans to start your journey with us.
  • Files shared using DigiBoxx are 100% secure.DigiBoxx provides 100% security when you upload files on DigiBoxx to share them with your friends and family.
  • DigiBoxx is available on multiple devices.If you wish to share files using DigiBoxx, you can easily do it using the web application, its Android & iOS application.
  • Additional DigiBoxx’s featuresDigiBoxx provides you a storage space of 20 GB for free if you signup with the free version of DigiBoxx. Using this storage space, you can store, manage, and share files easily & quickly.

These features provided on DigiBoxx, prove our point that DigiBoxx is the best file-sharing solution for businesses and freelancers. Do let us know if you face any challenges while using the features provided on DigiBoxx.