API Documentation for Third Party (Trading Partners)


Made with ♥ in 2020, DigiBoxx is the first Indian Digital Asset Management platform that’s secure, fast, intuitive and yes, it’s easy on the pocket too! Backed by robust technology and back-end support, DigiBoxx is the most cost-effective way to share, store, track, and manipulate your files – all on an Indian server.


This section is to provide detailed information on all the APIs provided by DigiBoxx, for implementation from third party (TP) or partners only. We have the documentation ready which will give developers an understanding of the APIs required, and what responses can be expected..

An example of the API usage is provided as well, in case developers need to understand how an API is to be called against each available API.

As the APIs are for Partners, so the documentation will be received on request..

How to Obtain Unique Trading Partner Identifier

Please reach out to Digiboxx Support through email [email protected] to get Unique Trading Partner (TP) identifier.

API List

To obtain the API list available from DigiBoxx for partners to use, please reach out to Digiboxx Support through email [email protected]