Organise life and critical data.
Redefine efficiency.

Take the drain out of your IT resources. Collaborate in real-time. Intelligently apply metadata to perform advanced searches. Automate workflows and approvals.
Instant feedback

Automated workflows make it easier to give and track feedback.

Secure assets

Control content permissions so only the right people can access it.

Access on demand

All your digital assets will be accessible from mobile or the desktop, wherever you are.

Streamline your digital folders.
Fast and easy.

Harness the power of DigiBoxxTM. Now it is easy to manage your personal photos and videos, and mission-critical files and folders, quickly and securely.
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Upload & Consolidate
On-demand, real-time access and editing.

Update digital assets on-the-move from your mobile or laptop, even when you’re on the way to a meeting.

Apply metadata smartly for easy search.

Allow your team to make advanced searches in the blink of an eye so they can find critical content and get to work instantly.

Upload multiple file formats and sizes.

DigiBoxxTM supports images, video, audio, documents, presentations and much more in whatever format and size you choose.

Organise assets for simple workflow.

Partition assets into sections, create labels, keep important assets at the top and use filters.

Easy cross-functional and external sharing.

Not just your internal teams, assets can be shared even with clients. Collaboration is secure.

Completely secure and protected approval system.

Keep one or maximum two administrators to approve assets before you make them available to the world.

Create & Collaborate
Customise your brand management platform’s looks.

Collaboration becomes easier when your DigiBoxxTM looks like a part of your brand universe. Incorporate it into your brand website/page.

Create multiple custom workflows for multiple brands.

Know what jobs have been assigned to whom, which ones are completed and which are overdue with easy-to-follow workflows.

Track brand asset performance and reports.

Get 100% control over every activity from your admin console. And also track assets and analyse their performance.

Keep your marketing IP secure.

Add watermarks to confidential files or choose from several permission options so only the right people see the right asset.

Distribute & Track
Powerful asset management tools to save time.

Do bulk editing, detect duplicate versions of files and create different versions of the same file to track edits.

Get notified of changes, updates and file requests.

Get notified on your mobile or laptop when you set alerts for recently added files, asset updates and much more.

Set up your DigiBoxxTM.

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