Is there any file-sharing application for android users?

Data and file sharing is a prevalent and necessary task. But, digital file-sharing has always been a critical issue, especially when it comes to the security of the data and files.

An old, simple, and successful method of file sharing was Bluetooth transfer. Earlier, while talking about android file-sharing options, Bluetooth was the most common option for us. But that was only for some time. Using Bluetooth, if we were supposed to share bigger files, it was time-consuming. So it is an outdated option now.

Additionally, speaking about the other option of sending files via email, we all have spent hours zipping the files, reducing the size of video files to transfer them. But, the possibility of sending files using email also works with some limitations.

So how are we supposed to transfer large files without any limitations we faced in our previous android applications?

Don’t worry! We have a better solution for sending large files for free using android phones, eliminating all the limitations we had with Bluetooth and Email file transfer.

DigiBoxx – An Indian Digital File Transfer Solution

DigiBoxx is a Digital Asset Management platform designed to store, manage, and share large files (assets) with your friends, family, and other sub-ordinates. With DigiBoxx, you can send files over long distances, unlike Bluetooth transfer. Also, with DigiBoxx, you can share files of any size, unlike email. Thus, solving all the issues, we faced with our previous free file transfer applications.

We know that just by eliminating the limitations, an application cannot be rated as the best application. To understand the additional advantages of using the DigiBoxx mobile application, let us go through other features.

Features of DigiBoxx android application

  • Send large files anywhere, any time.DigiBoxx provides the best connectivity with your digital assets. You can access your digital assets anywhere, any time, without any restrictions.
  • Secure your files and prevent them from losing.The people of today’s world more often forget the physical location of the critical assets. Having an application where you can save all your digital assets will help you to secure your files and access them whenever you need them. It prevents the loss of critical digital assets.
  • Send files up to 2 GB without creating an account.DigiBoxx provides a functionality called ‘InstaShare,’ using which you can transfer files up to 2 GB for free without creating an account on DigiBoxx. Additionally, it saves and secures your files for 45 days to save your additional time consumed while sharing the same files again.
  • Preventing unauthorized accessWe all have been listening to the news regarding the leaking of data & important assets. With DigiBoxx and its secured file transfer & storage, there is no chance of illegal access to your important digital assets. The users whom you provide access can only access your digital assets.

Such unique features of DigiBoxx sets it apart from others and give its android mobile application a unique position in the online file transfer apps. You can download the application now from the Google Play Store and experience all the features we mentioned above. You can share your reviews too. It will help us to serve you better.

In addition to the android app, DigiBoxx is available for all IoS users as well. Also, you can manage your digital assets using the online web application as well. DigiBoxx provides free as well as premium services in the case of Digital Asset Management.

Remember, it’s tough to find the assets once they are lost. So it’s better to save them now for your better future.