How is DigiBoxx creating a knowledge-sharing platform for students?

If someone asks a student studying from home to explain the covid-19 pandemic in one word, they will say a time when they had to adapt to many things. Whether taking classes from home to completing assignments, everything was supposed to be online instead of offline with books as their primary partner.

Whether we are working or studying online, we have shifted to a distributed work culture. The situation has led students to change their study patterns and the tools they need to use. Earlier, most of the students were less connected with the devices they are connected with presently.

There has been a significant change in the way they study. Like the school chatter, those tiffin time discussions and chats during the physical education period are missing now. But, with several tools in place, all of these things have become possible.

Zoom helped them connect with their friends online, and WhatsApp helped them discuss the same things they did while eating their tiffins during breaks. But, knowledge-sharing, which used to happen quite often while in schools, has gone obsolete during the pandemic. As a parent, you might worry, and we precisely understand your concern. Hence, the existence of DigiBoxx has become handy to ensure your child is sharing & receiving quality knowledge.

Information sharing

The main benefit of this knowledge sharing is that like-minded individuals gather together and share quality information with others. Knowledge flows freely and rapidly when users are in the same space. Crucial info is likely to be shared, which an individual can use at any point in time.

You might wonder how your kid/child is benefitted from using a knowledge-sharing platform. Considering the situation where they are not directly connected with their friends and those discussions at the school, knowledge-sharing media will help them stay connected with their friends, have the same bond, and share the most crucial information regarding their studies.

Which knowledge-sharing platform to use during this covid-19 pandemic?

Now that you know the importance of having a knowledge-sharing platform for students, it’s time to know which platform to use. Several platforms have been utilized as a knowledge-sharing platform in the past year. Every platform has its pros and cons.

Let us talk about one such platform called ‘DigiBoxx.’ DigiBoxx cloud storage came into existence in 2020. Since then, it has attracted several users, reaching a million user base recently. You might wonder what makes DigiBoxx a perfect option for your child to use as a knowledge-sharing platform.

Why DigiBoxx for knowledge-sharing?

  • Send files online without any risk of security

    With DigiBoxx, you can easily share large files necessary for knowledge-sharing without any concerns about the misuse of your information. DigiBoxx becomes a secured online file transfer app while sharing essential knowledge with your fellow friend.

  • Share files online while sitting remotely

    One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic was that everyone used to sit remote and share stuff. With the DigiBoxx cloud drive, you can transfer your knowledge-sharing documents in no time with your friends sitting remotely.

  • Access the last updated version of the file anytime

    Suppose one of your fellow friends from the school updates a file online, then you can access the updated file. Being an admin, you are notified of every single change made to your files.

These advantages of DigiBoxx create a way for it to become one of the most critical tools to be used in knowledge-sharing for students. If you still have any queries, you can connect with our customer support team. We will be pleased to help you.

Happy DigiBoxxing!