Online file transfer became easy

The most critical task for a brand today is to manage its digital assets and ensure that the same message is passed out in all its communication. To make it happen, brand managers, at times, have to keep sharing files on multiple emails. This is a tedious task and creates confusion in the minds of end-users.

DigiBoxx, an Indian file transfer app, eases the brand’s online file transfer process to ensure constant communication. Our followers have raised several file transfer queries in the past few days. Here, we have tried to answer those queries to make your online file transfer easy.

Online file transfer process queries

  • Is it possible to transfer files directly from Google Drive to DigiBoxx?

    The current version of DigiBoxx does not transfer the files from Google Drive to DigiBoxx. However, the team is working on enhancing the app experience. Stay tuned!

  • How is DigiBoxx different from AWS?

    DigiBoxx is an online data storage platform and not a hosting service. So, we aren’t in any mode of comparing ourselves with AWS.

  • Why must users opt for DigiBoxx in place of Google Drive & Dropbox?

    DigiBoxx is an Indian file storage service launched by NITI Aayog in December 2020. It is a data storage and digital asset management platform available at a pocket-friendly and affordable price to all its users. You can opt for a free version of our cloud drive with 20 GB of free cloud storage space with a validity of 100 years.

    The paid plan starts at Rs. 30 (+18% GST), giving 100 GB of cloud storage space. You can register and experience the difference.

  • When is the release of GMAIL integration scheduled?

    DigiBoxx team is working on integrating with global services for improving our file transfer app. There is no scheduled date as such.

Concluding It

DigiBoxx treats all your queries as a stepping stone for our growth. Our million+ users are our asset, and we will try and enhance the experience to ensure that our users are satisfied with the online file transfer.