Timely alerts for the changes made in the digital assets with DigiBoxx

Suppose, as a brand owner, you have multiple digital assets stored in your cloud storage space of DigiBoxx. Additionally, you have assigned various admins to your account. In such a case, if you want to keep track of all the updates made in your digital assets, then it is easy with DigiBoxx.

Unlike Google Drive, where you need to open the digital assets to understand the changes made in the file using the version history, DigiBoxx has provided features that help you get the latest updates of your digital assets without opening them. 

Significant features to alert users regarding the changes made in the digital assets

  • Notification alert on your mobile & laptop for the changes made in the assets

    Let us assume that one of the admins made some textual changes in the document stored in the DigiBoxx. Once the admin updates the file, and if you have set the alert, you will get a notification regarding the changes made in the file.

  • Get a notification for the file requests

    This feature is similar to the feature given by other cloud storage providers. Once any user requests to access some file stores in the cloud storage, you will be alerted regarding it. Additionally, you can give access or deny depending on your rules and regulations. Thus, keeping your files safe and secured.

  • Get Alerted if someone uploads any file to your DigiSpace

    Suppose one of your admins or a user with access to your DigiSpace (Cloud Storage Space provided by DigiBoxx) adds a file. In such a case, remaining unaware about the new files added makes no sense, being a brand owner. Unlike other cloud storage providers, DigiBoxx will alert you regarding adding the file to your space. It will ensure that you and all the users are on the same page.

We at DigiBoxx try to bring as many features as we can, which relieves your burden to save the digital assets and secure them from any unauthorized access.


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