What are the profits of using DigiBoxx?

We all live in the digital age, where we tend to search for a web/mobile application for each task we implement during the day. As per one of the articles on Economic times, Indians spend roughly 3 hours on smartphones every day. Also, app downloads almost tripled in the last few years (specifically between 2015 to 2017). These rough estimates give us a hint that we rely on mobile/web applications in our day-to-day lives.

We, humans, tend to forget and misplace essential documents that we term as our assets. It becomes next to impossible for us to find them if it is misplaced or lost. In today’s era, losing an important document (content) can have several consequences, and we all are aware of the outcomes.

Coming to the point, we need a solution to save all our important digital assets like images, videos, audio files, documents, etc. The best solution is to signup on DigiBoxx.

You may think about why you should start using DigiBoxx.

Is DigiBoxx profitable?

Why it becomes crucial for you to start using DigiBoxx today?

We have listed the reasons why you must have a DigiBoxx account today.

Reasons to choose DigiBoxx today

    • Secure all your essential documents

      Content/information acts as an asset for you and your organization. In any worst situation, if you lose any of this information, or there is any information leak, it can create a massive loss to your business.

      In such a scenario, having a digital asset management platform will save you from losing your digital assets. DigiBoxx comes with 100% security.

    • Archive all your essential assets

      If you are still using distributed management systems for managing all your assets, then it’s time for you to upgrade to the latest 21st-century digital asset management system. DigiBoxx is an Indian Digital Asset Management platform that stores all your assets as archive files. You can access any of these assets at any point in time without having the threat of it being misplaced or lost.

    • Access your files on smartphones from any part of the world

      DigiBoxx is the 21st-century Digital Asset Management platform. You can access your DigiBoxx account on mobile devices too.

We have launched the platform for all Android and iOS users. You can download the application from the play store and AppStore.

Secondly, with improved internet connectivity, you can access your assets from any part of the world just by signing in on the app. There is no need to carry additional drives and full your device storage when you have such a vast space provided by DigiBoxx to store all your essential files.

  • Free single user account

    If you are interested in having online storage with 100% security, then DigiBoxx is the perfect solution for you. We provide 20 GB of free storage space to all single users.

    The facility comes with a few limitations, but being a single user, all are acceptable.

    We hope the reasons we listed are good enough for you to start using DigiBoxx today.


    Yes, using DigiBoxx is 100% profitable.