Top 3 Advantages of a Digital Asset Management Platform

We hope that you have a good understanding of what is Digital Asset Management !

Content is a powerful tool and can become a market differentiator for your business. It can help you build your consumers, strengthen your brand perception in the market, and drive your business revenue.

Without any doubt, we accept that the demand for the content has increased in recent years, especially during this pandemic. This content can be in any form like images, videos, music, etc.

Organizations have shown a great interest in Digital Asset Management platforms. It helps them to bring velocity to their creative workflows.

In addition to manage, store, and retrieve the asset, a Digital Asset Management platform have three significant advantages. We have listed them below.

Top 3 advantages of using a Digital Asset Management platform


  • It eliminates the cost incurred on losing a vital asset

    An organization has to bear a lot of costs when it comes to a situation where an important asset is lost or misplaced. Remember, the more the files, the better are the chances of losing or misplacing them if you are using a distributed system.

    A Digital Asset Management platform eliminates all the additional costs associated with the lost files’ recreation and stores the original files like archive files. You can easily retrieve them whenever you want.

  • Give access to only the stakeholders/important users of the assets

    This functionality is amazing. You can give access to the assets only to the users who need them. In short, you are restricting access to sensitive information and reducing the chances of a breach.

  • Maintain your brand consistency

    A Digital Asset Management platform ensures that all your team members use the same content files. You can direct them to a central repository with a simple search tool to find the files they are searching for.

    As a central repository, a Digital Asset Management platform manages all your content lifecycle – from creation to its preservation. DigiBoxx does the same.

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