DigiBoxx vs Google Drive: A Comparison of Cloud Storage Security

Why isn’t Google Drive always the best option? Despite the platform’s popularity, many users have trouble understanding all of its capabilities. Some people worry about its price, security, or usability. Thankfully, there is a highly efficient alternative available.

DigiBoxx, the Indian Google drive alternative, is an incredibly secure option for organizations and people wishing to store, sync, and share data in the cloud with security. What’s more is that this Google Drive alternative has some free plans that are great as we will see later.

Below are some reasons why security-conscious businesses use DigiBoxx over Google Drive:

1. Encryption

Your files are decrypted by Google Drive before they reach their servers, leaving them open to hacker attacks and information breaches. They do this by storing your encryption keys, which makes them and any hacker who has access to their servers able to view your stuff.

DigiBoxx gives you the advantage of end-to-end encryption. Meaning, your data cannot be hijacked during uploading/downloading or when stored on our servers. So only you and those you allow can access your data.

2. Data Privacy

In order to deliver certain services and produce targeted adverts, Google Drive and the third-party suppliers they collaborate with, routinely scan and store the content of your files. Your data will likely end up being exploited as a result of this.

Whereas, DigiBoxx adheres to a zero-knowledge protocol. Meaning, nobody, not even we, your service provider, has knowledge of your data but you.

3. Protected by Indian privacy laws

Google Drive falls under the US Cloud Act. This law gives US government agencies and law enforcement complete access to cloud data held by US businesses, such as Google Drive, regardless of where the data server is physically located. With a gag order, they are also legally permitted to prevent Google Drive from notifying you of their access request.

On the contrary, DigiBoxx’s headquarters are in India. Some of the strictest privacy regulations in the world are in place to safeguard your data. As DigiBoxx is an Indian company it cannot be subjected or coerced to take part in any bulk surveillance by the US or EU intelligence agencies.

4. Pricing

Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage for free for lifetime to its customers. In case more space is required, Google Drive’s Indian plans start from INR 130 per month for 100 GB of space, and go all the way up to INR 650 per month for up to 2 TB of space.

As a google drive, Dropbox alternative, the free plan from Digiboxx includes 20 GB of free storage space forever, and the paid plans begin from as little as INR 30 per month for 100 GB of space, and go up based on the requirement.

5. Made-in-India

Compared to Google Drive, which is a US based product, DigiBoxx is India’s first digital storage and sharing platform, and is making a “voice for local” appeal in response to a recent government directive prohibiting the use of private cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox for information generated by its employees. DigiBoxx is well placed as a Google drive alternative to cater to this vast mass who need an affordable, reliable and robust homegrown online storage service who store their data within the boundaries of India.


By preserving crucial data produced in India within its boundaries, DigiBoxx maintains the government’s aims as well as the interests of the public. With the expansion of Indian data centers, better mobile connection, and a flourishing start-up sector that can be best served by local cloud storage service providers, the company believes that data sovereignty is urgently needed.

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