How are people in India getting things done remotely?

India is on the verge of reshaping the working style to be employed in the future. Recently, Tata Consultancy Services, India’s largest infotech, and outsourcing company declared that by 2025, 75% of their workforce would work remotely. As per Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 74% of Indians supported working remotely. The same report even suggested that 73% of Indians were keen on developing in-person time with their teams.

The overall count and reports suggest that employees are keen to work remotely. But, they must get a chance to connect with their colleagues and stay updated with the latest information. Here’s where DigiBoxx becomes a practical option for your employees to remain associated with their team members, alongside keeping themselves updated with the newest information. You might wonder, how? Let us now take a look at how DigiBoxx is helping people work remotely without any concerns.

How DigiBoxx is the perfect option to stay connected & updated?

DigiBoxx is an Indian Sharing App created to solve all the queries specific to sharing the latest information within teams. Along with sharing, DigiBoxx can provide the additional features (mentioned below) that ensure that DigiBoxx is the best choice to stay connected with your colleagues and keep yourself updated with the latest information while working remotely.

  • Access the newest information at your fingertips

    Suppose you are working from home and need brand new information before publishing anything specific regarding the brand you are working with. In such cases, the cloud storage of DigiBoxx plays a significant role.

    DigiBoxx, alongside supporting you in sharing files, also helps you keep the files uploaded on DigiBoxx updated with the latest information. It ensures that your team members using the files get the newest knowledge being shared in the files.

    It gives you the benefit of keeping your brand content (content used to market your working brand) constant across the platforms.

    You might ask, why did we say that it is at your fingertips? Because DigiBoxx is available to all android & ios users in the form of a mobile app.

  • No need to create an account if you wish to share a file and you are in a hurry!

    DigiBoxx, to prove its effectiveness being a file-sharing app of India, has solved all your concerns with its features. One of the features of DigiBoxx is the availability of ‘InstaShare.’ As the name suggests, share files quickly.

    Suppose you’re stuck in a situation wherein you need to share files quickly, without wasting much of your time, then InstaShare is a perfect solution. Using InstaShare, you can quickly share files without creating an account on DigiBoxx (up to 2 GB).

  • Start with a free account, and go beyond!

    As a small/medium-sized business owner, if you are looking for a tool that keeps all your information intact and keeps your employees updated with the latest information, starting with a free account is the best way to get started. With the free version, you are getting 20 GB of cloud storage, alongside all the functionality of sharing the files with inbound and outbound users.

We feel the features we mentioned here are what you look out for in a tool that keeps your employees updated, alongside the facility of storing & securing the files. These features are supporting the present and the future of remote work in India.


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