Top 3 ways Digital Asset Management platform enables productivity when working from home

As more and more companies are shifting their focus on the ‘Work From Home’ policy, it is becoming difficult to enhance the productivity of the employees. As per Gartner’s latest study, 54% of the HR leaders considered that the lack of technology infrastructure decreases their employees’ productivity.

So what can companies do to increase the productivity of their employees?

One solution is to start using DigiBoxx, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform created to support ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’

Now you may ask why we are asking you to switch your attention towards DigiBoxx. If you wish to have an answer, you may have to go through the top 3 ways how DigiBoxx increases productivity.

Top 3 ways DigiBoxx helps you in increasing your productivity

  • It becomes a central source of truth

    Think about the difficulties you might face while searching for an important asset working from home. In such a scenario, if you have a central repository like DigiBoxx, where all your brand assets are saved, it becomes easy for you to search and start working on them. There will be no need to re-create the whole asset that actually exists.

  • Guest users and permissions

    While working with DigiBoxx, you have permission to give access to guest users who are not using Digiboxx. Also, there are levels of permissions you may find while giving access to the users. This feature ensures the security of all your brand assets.

  • Distribution Capabilities of DigiBoxx

    Teams, stakeholders, external consultants, owners, etc., need access to the content. When these users are spread across the region and working remotely, the distribution must be efficient and quicker.

    With DigiBoxx and its permission-based asset management, users can access the brand assets (documents and other digital assets) without bothering the other team members, thus eliminating the classic case of a bottleneck.

    By establishing the best practices and policies only, a brand can enable the productivity of its employees. We may include the usage of a Digital Asset Management platform like DigiBoxx, as one of the best practices when it comes to elevating the productivity of your employees working from home.