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Knowledge cannot be confined to a box. That’s why, we share our voice on digitisation of the trends, on the front of technology that’s #VocalForLocal and making our nation #Atmanirbhar, and on the environment that are impacting our work, and our lives.
Knowledge Center is a step to stay abreast with all that’s new in our world. After all, DigiBoxx is all about sharing, managing and collaborating.

What are the pros of using cloud storage?

September 24, 2021
‘Cloud storage’ is data storage that is removable and accessible via a server. It is a data storage classified as ‘Infrastructure as a service.’ Several customers now use cloud storage. There is no reason why a business must not have a cloud storage service. It has considerable advantages over traditional document storage. Here are the […]

How did the pandemic prepare us to work from anywhere?

August 18, 2021
For the past year, we have been stuck at home for our work. Working from the office has become like a distant memory for us. Some people start early in the morning, work till late at night, and find uninterrupted hours of focus, where they end up delivering more than expected. For a few people, […]

The 2022 DigiBoxx: Faster, Smoother, Easier

March 29, 2022
User experience is one of the most important factors in the success of an app. Performance and usability entail the fundamentals of good user experience and that is why the new DigiBoxx app has been developed on Kotlin. This has drastically improved performance for our valued customers, so that now you can upload heavy data […]